Increase Transparency

I will report back to my district what is happening at state party level after each meeting in Springfield.

Fight for our Values

I want to make sure we have open democratic deliberation at our state central committee meetings before making important party decisions. Our party should present a platform at the state convention and support candidates who uphold our platform and are true public servants to their constituents.

Listen to Grassroots Democrats

My goal is to listen to and address the concerns of those who volunteer for the party year in and year out. They do the work and know the voters best, so they should have a voice in the party. I will continue to help candidates in my district and keep in communication with the local parties about where the most help is needed.

Open up Participation

I would like the state conventions to be more interactive and give the delegates an opportunity to vote on substantive issues. I would also like our state to hold a convention at least every 2 years. Precinct committeemen should be informed how to run for party positions.

Welcome Progressive Candidates

We should encourage all candidates who uphold our Democratic values to run for office and let the voters choose which candidates they prefer. We should also make sure multiple viewpoints are represented within the party so all Democratic voters have a voice.

Represent Voters, NOT Special Interests

As a state party, we should be concerned with what is best for Illinois residents and what our voters want. It is important that donors cannot buy influence within the party. We win elections when we address the concerns of the voters, not when we bow to the influence of wealthy donors.