I am the Democratic Precinct Committeeman for Naperville Township Precinct 63. This past year, the Naperville Township Democrats came together as a team to flip Naperville Township government from red to blue! Besides being active in the local party, I have volunteered for various political campaigns, including local, state, and federal races. I am also on the board of the Progressives of Kane County. We host many politicians and candidates to speak at our meetings and teach voters about important issues. We recruit and assist candidates running for local office. In 2017, almost all of the candidates we recruited won their races. My main focus within this group is to:

  • Get members more involved in the Democratic Party
  • Recruit and hold trainings for precinct committeemen and campaign volunteers
  • Give advice on how to run for office
  • Be a resource for party bylaws and election information


I was one of only a handful of people from Illinois selected to be on the Rules Committee for the 2016 Democratic National Convention. I authored several proposals to improve our primary rules and presented them to the committee. These included proposals to eliminate or reduce the number of superdelegates, ban corporate lobbyists from serving as superdelegates, and open primaries to independents (especially in states with onerous registration deadlines like New York State where voters must register with the party 6-12 months ahead of time in order to vote). My colleagues also authored a number of proposals. The end result of this meeting was that the DNC decided to form the Unity Reform Commission to implement a reduction in the number of superdelegates, to make our primary elections more open and accessible, and to make improvements within our national party processes. This commission consisted of 21 members who held meetings across the country for the past year to decide on final recommendations. I organized people to attend these meetings to talk to commission members and monitored their progress. The commission's final recommendations and a link to the report are available here: https://ourrevolution.com/press/summary-unity-reform-commission-report/
The entire Democratic National Committee will vote on these recommendations this fall.